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Lakeside Neightbourhood

Sustainable practices to support local communities;

We’re investing in sustainable solutions to create a better future, for locals and for the planet.

Locals supporting locals.

Strong communities mean a better life for all.

At Commerce Building, we understand the importance of supporting the local communities that has supported us. That's why we make it a priority to give back whenever and wherever we can.

We prioritise using trades that are local to the project we are working on. If there are reliable trades able to carry out the work we require at a close proximity, we will avoid bringing contractors in from other parts of the country.


The building industry is critical to the economies of most regional towns. So when disaster strikes an area, we will always preference the tradespeople that reside there. Strong relationships with local contractor communities will always be fundamental to what we consider a successful operation. Working closely with trades, we ensure that every project we undertake has work distributed fairly, with those local to the project always front of mind.

Walking Home

Kawana Surf Club Major Sponsor

Commerce Building Services is grounded in the Kawana community. Many of the staff and management have spent the majority of their lives calling Kawana and other parts of the Sunshine Coast home, and enjoying all it has to offer. Especially our world class beaches.


Kawana Surf Life Saving Club relies heavily on the support of the local community. All profits and sponsorship funds go back onto the beach, ensuring it is a safe place for everyone who visits.

Sandy Beach

Nurturing our planet, and our people.

A fundamental factor of thriving local economies, is the practices of companies just like ours.

To us, taking care of the planet and our people is of the utmost importance. That's why we have implemented sustainable practices in all our work processes, including recycling and managing waste, and controlling work processes to limit the escape of materials and environmental impact.


But it's not just about the actual environment; we also strive to provide a supportive working environment for our staff. We provide modern and functional premises with state-of-the-art equipment, first-class safety systems, and work processes to ensure staff safety. We believe in treating our entire team with respect, providing them with training and encouragement, and listening to their needs. Our aim is to create a sustainable and supportive environment that benefits everyone involved, from our staff to the planet we all share.

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