CBS Privacy Policy

As a service provider CBS are provided with and collect personal information to carry out and complete the necessary service/s needed. We do not share, use or supply personal information to anyone else for any other purpose. In accordance with the Privacy Act 1988, we list our rights and responsibilities.
– We collect personal information only for the purpose of properly carrying out the necessary service/s.
– We only disclose personal information for the purpose of the service/s sought or in furtherance of finalising any insurance repair claim.
– We hold personal information securely so that it is not available to any person not authorised by CBS.
– We do not treat or use personal information in any other way.

CBS agrees to treat all information received by it in accordance with:
– The Privacy Act 1988;
– The National Privacy Principles contained in Schedule 3 to the Act or any approved privacy code (as defined in the Act) that applies to CBS the Contractor or both;
– Any other statute, regulation or law in Australia or elsewhere which relates to the protection of Personal Information and which CBS or Contractor must observe; and;
– “Personal Information” means all information about a person that is ‘personal information’ as defined in the Act, which is supplied to, collected or held by the Contractor in connection with this Agreement.

All Employees and Sub-contractor must sign a confidentiality agreement and:
– Observe the Privacy Law and any CBS privacy protocol provided to them by CBS in respect of all Personal Information;
– Promptly follow any reasonable direction of in relation to Personal Information;
– Only use Personal Information for the purpose of providing the required services to CBS clients and not for the Employee’s and Sub-contractor’s own purposes;
– Ensure that only authorised personnel have access to Personal Information and all relevant personnel are properly informed of the requirements of this Clause, this includes being provided with a copy of the Confidentiality Agreement in their employment contract;

CBS will establish procedures, which will:
– enable them to observe the requirements of The Privacy Act;
– enable them to resolve any inquiry or complaint relating to Personal Information; and
– deal with any breaches in the employees and sub-contractors confidentiality agreements

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

All employees and sub-contractors of CBS must sign a confidentiality agreement upon commencement of work with CBS. This agreement is enforceable during and after employment ceases. Confidential Information must not be discussed, shared with or communicated to any other person, without the express written permission of the Manager of CBS. Any breach of this clause is breach of sensitive commercial in confidence information and may mean immediate termination of employment and a claim for loss arising there from the breach, including:
Any collusion with any other person not a party to the Agreement in regard to setting of prices or sharing of areas or exclusive arrangements may be a breach of the law

Conflict of Interest

All employees and Sub-contractor must make full and frank disclosure to CBS of any interest they may have in any matter in which they are concerned and where such interest is adverse to, or likely to be, in conflict with that of CBS, the Employee of Sub-contractor will immediately advise the Manager of CBS.
– The issue of whether or not there has been or will be a conflict of interest shall be conclusively decided by the Manager of CBS and the Contractor undertakes to provide CBS with all written and other information lawfully and reasonably requested of it.

Freedom of Association and Compliance with Industrial Laws

Neither the CBS employees, sub-contractors nor agents should support an industrial organisation to:

– participate in any form of unauthorized industrial action or secondary boycott that affects the works; or
– except as required by law, demand or force any other person carrying out work on a CBS job site to:
– join a union
– make contribution to a specified superannuation fund
– make payments for redundancy or long service leave into a specified fund; or
– pay any negotiating fees for achieving improved award conditions

Entertainment and Gifts

A contractor may not give any gift, benefit or gratuity to any CBS staff unless authorised and agreed to verbally or in writing by the Manager from CBS.