Commerce Building Services – our quality, your peace of mind

With an unmatched dedication to our work and our clients, Commerce Building Services are South Eastern Queensland’s leading insurance building repairs provider. From Rockhampton to Northern New South Wales and Brisbane to Chinchilla, we have established a reputation for delivering the highest quality building repairs with integrity, honesty, and transparency.

Water Damage and Mould Remediation Experts

Commerce Building Services have expert trade teams that specialise in the repair of water and mould damage to buildings. We have our own cutting edge structural drying and dehumidification equipment. We have our own in house trade divisions for plaster repair, painting and cabinetry manufacture. Our in house expertise allows us to respond quickly and decisively to repair water and mould damage.

Queensland and New South Wales Catastrophe Event Response

Since 2006, Commerce Building Services have been involved across the spectrum of insurance building repairs, providing services from site reports to repairs and project management. In fact we’ve been helping home and business owners get their lives back on track through every major natural disaster within our service region over the past 10 years.

Timely Efficient Response

We understand urgency when lives are disrupted. Why wait days or weeks for insurance building repairs, when Commerce Building Services will get the ball rolling on your enquiry within hours. From our customer service team to our project managers and tradespeople, our clients receive time critical response.

Make Safe 24/7

We have dedicated staff and trade teams to stabilise damaged properties and mitigate further potential damage. We will respond 24/7 to our clients needs, when they need us most. We can secure premises, isolate leaks, tarp roofs, whatever it takes to stabilise and restore the situation.

Flood and Leak Response 24/7

We can urgently identify the source of a leak, repair or isolate it and mitigate the resulting damage. Structural drying, microbial sanitisation and clearance and debris removal are all our stock in trade 24/7/365.

Non Repair Services

  1. Detailed causal reporting
  2. Maintenance issue reporting
  3. Itemised and clear estimations
  4. Responsive and reliable administration
  5. Efficient project management

Cloud Based Work Management and Field Software

Commerce Building Services uses state of the art technology to manage the claim and repair process. Our system identifies required actions and KPI timelines to ensure timeliness and quality of process. Our field staff use Mobile Device applications to work in the field in real time. We can report and quote from site to speed the repair process. Our system can be tailored to suit the project or the client requirement.

Accelerated Repair

By working with loss adjusters and claim consultants where it is required we can fast track repairs to compress the reinstatement period and get life back on track fast. Accelerated repairs can minimise inconvenience and save time and money.