It is a time when cities are growing at a pace never before.

Largest part of it is covered by residential apartments. According to market survey done by BIS Shrapnel, it is estimated that 162,650 new apartments will hit the market in couple of years. It is obviously good news for first time buyers.

However, there is a major concern of building defects that can ruin the joy of this good news. According to UNSW City Futures Research Centre’s report presented in 2012, 72% home owners have reported building defects.

It would be more alarming for newer building units as defected building statistics can reach to as high as 85% of total building blocks.

There are some most common building defects which include water ingress and defective or inadequate waterproofing.


Common Building Block Defects

As per the report published by Archicentre, The Australian Institute of Architects building advisory service, 4% of building blocks inspected from 2010 to 2015 in Australia have had a major problems related to water. These major problems will cost around $10,000 to repair and it would affect integrity or structure of building blocks. Further it is reported that approximately 34% of properties have been affected by minor water problems, however it could turn into a costlier defect if not addressed and repaired on time. As per the report of UNSW, waterproofing elements and fire safety systems are among the top defects in building blocks. The list of top 15 most reported defects by occupants are as follows:

  • Internal water leaks by 42%
  • Cracking to internal or external structures by 42%
  • Water penetration from outside by 40%
  • Guttering faults by 25%
  • Defective roof coverings by 23%
  • Defective plumbing by 22%
  • Tiling problems by 20%
  • Building movement by 17%
  • Noise break-through by 17%
  • Defective balcony balustrades by 15%
  • Lack of or defective fire safety measures by 15%
  • Electrical faults by 14%
  • Inappropriate or correctly installed materials by 12%
  • Defective machinery by 12%

Building Insurance Repair Services

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