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“Pride in a job well done and being of service to those in need drive me to aim for continuous improvement every single day. More than that, I want to improve our whole industry each and every day, through actions, not just words. ” – Cameron Price, your premium insurance against low quality building repairs. Cameron prides himself on being an insurance claim repairs expert and rightly so. Having undergone a rigorous and all-encompassing building apprenticeship with, he subsequently found himself working at ground zero in the destructive wake of Cyclone Larry. Here, while repairing homes for devastated families and experiencing their need and appreciation first hand, Cameron developed and championed his own high standards and work ethic while assisting others. The natural progression was to start his own business Commerce Building Services in 2014, to set a new standard in insurance repairs.

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Home Renovations: Make Your House A Home Add life to your home by making it beautiful, classy and affordable through home renovations by Commerce Building Services, because a lively home always speaks to its dwellers. Beautiful home renovations As people are making their homes stylish and beautiful, they do not hesitate to invest in home [...]

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How Complete Home Renovation and Designing Can Change Your Life?


Design your home ideally and make your dream home become a reality. Live your life, the King size! What is Home Renovation and Interior Designing? Home Renovation and Interior designing is an art of enhancing the interiors of a house and sometimes including the exteriors and giving the user a pleasing and warming environment inside [...]

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An Idea to Meet Inspiration of Having New Homes in Sunshine Coast

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Everyone does have an inspiration of having own new home by the age of thirty. No matter how luxurious their parents’ home is, and no matter eventually that luxurious home will belong to them in future, people want to build a their own new home in lifetime. The satisfaction of building new homes from scratch [...]

Give Your Kitchen a State-of-the-art Look with the best Cabinet Hardware Supplies in Sunshine Coast


Food, Shelter, and clothing are considered as the most basic needs of human civilisation for centuries. Although, today this list get upgraded with addition of education, sanitation, and healthcare as society get developed. A proper food intake with all necessary ingredient to remain healthy is important in life. Being a head of your family, you [...]

Is Bathroom Renovation Really a Huge Task to Accomplish?


Is your current bathroom is not a comfortable place to be in? Is it has an outdated layout? Does it annoying and need immediate up-gradation? If you have been witnessing this type of uncomfortable situations at your bathroom, then you are not alone, as there are a lot of people who has been in dilemma [...]

How to Select the Best Renovation Builders in Sunshine Coast QLD


It is considered as a great investment to have a property located nearby beaches in Sunshine Coast. It is not just wonderful beaches that attracts most of the real estate investors. However, this coastal area extends the friendliness of the locals population and the gradual development of place has been attracts tourist from all across [...]

Bathroom Renovation: Make Bathroom a Peaceful Place and Stay Rejuvenated


Bathroom is a place in home that is not be taken seriously by many of homeowners. In most of the cases it remains groan. People think bathroom as a place that is not necessary to look after. They have a prejudice in mind that spending on bathroom renovation is wastage of money. If you are [...]

Home Renovation : A Perfect Real-Estate Hack


Buying a home in Sunshine Coast and nearby area is considered as a matter of huge money and everyone doesn’t find it easy to do. Because of growing population, foreign migration and proximity cities in Sunshine Coast have been witnessing an exponential rise in real-estate prices. It might seems descrouging for you to say such [...]

Common Building Block Defects and Insurance Repair Services

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It is a time when cities are growing at a pace never before. Largest part of it is covered by residential apartments. According to market survey done by BIS Shrapnel, it is estimated that 162,650 new apartments will hit the market in couple of years. It is obviously good news for first time buyers. However, [...]

Kitchen Renovation: Get Rid of Daily Hassle at Kitchen


There are a lot of people who complains about worst condition of kitchen in their home. They question how they can get rid of irritating hassles of kitchen such as coffee maker won’t work if toaster is on, only one member can be in kitchen area at a time, stove get reduced to one burner [...]