Common Building Block Defects and Insurance Repair Services

By |March 29th, 2018|General Information, Tips and Tricks|

It is a time when cities are growing at a pace never before. Largest part of it is covered by residential apartments. According to market survey done by BIS Shrapnel, it is estimated that 162,650 new apartments will hit the market in couple of years. It is obviously good news for first time buyers. However, [...]

Kitchen Renovation: Get Rid of Daily Hassle at Kitchen


There are a lot of people who complains about worst condition of kitchen in their home. They question how they can get rid of irritating hassles of kitchen such as coffee maker won’t work if toaster is on, only one member can be in kitchen area at a time, stove get reduced to one burner [...]

Bathroom Renovation: 7 Important Points to Consider


Bathroom is one of the most important part of a house and nobody can ignore it while providing a fresh new look to their home. As there are many different designs of bathrooms, people get confused which one would be good for his or her home. If you are looking to overcome this daunting dilemma [...]